Parks' Fly Shop: Fly Tying Videos and Instructions

Parks' Fly Shop Fly Tying Videos and Instructions

Welcome to the Parks' Fly Shop fly tying video page. Below you'll see our three most recent Youtube fly tying videos, plus recipes for these patterns. We try to post a new video at least once a month, sometimes more often in the winter. If you have a pattern you'd like to see covered, either one of ours or a standard pattern, please contact Walter Wiese. Our full archive of tying vids can be viewed on our Youtube Channel.

In addition to videos posted by the shop, fly tier Doug Korn and contract guide Satoshi Yamamoto also post videos. Click this link for Doug's channel and this one for Satoshi's.

Pink Bob or Micro Chaos Hopper

The pink Bob Hopper was by far our most consistent hopper pattern in 2012. We think its small size (less than an inch long) and buggy profile did the trick during the extremely low water of late summer and early fall because the fish were sick of seeing too many larger hoppers. We're tying a million or so of these for 2013.

Hook: #14 1xl standard dry.

Thread: 6/0 red.

Body and Head: Pink foam. Punch it using a small River Road Creations Beavertail cutter, or just use a strip.

Wing: Caddis tan Widow's Web or similar hydrophobic synthetic.

Indicator: Slip of bright foam.

Legs: Barred yellow MFC Centipede Legs, size small (or standard small round rubber barred with a marker).

Eyes: Black marker.

Purple Haze Parachute


This is a hugely popular attractor dry in southwest Montana. It's a great choice in the fall when BWO mayflies are around, because the purple body shows up great when the light is poor.

Hook: standard dry #12-20.

Thread: 6/0-8/0 purple.

Tail: moose, deer, or elk hair.

Parachute Post: white synthetic yarn such as Widow's Web

Body: purple Life Flex, Wonder Wrap, or similar stretchy spandex.

Hackle: grizzly and brown mixed.

BLM Nymph

The BLM is an excellent small, flashy nymph that works especially well in lakes. FIsh it either under an indicator or behind an attractor dry, fishing blind or casting to sighted cruisers. This is the olive-brown version. Also good when tied with the pheasant tail, PMD, red ice, black, and other color blends of Angel Hair, the primary material. This fly is an exceptional changeup for the more prominent Lightning Bug.

Hook: #16-20 standard nymph.

Bead: 3/32" gold (or to match hook).

Thread: 8/0 olive dun.

Tail/Body/Wingcase/Legs: brown-olive Angel Hair.

Rib: fine gold wire (often use copper as well).


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