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Gardiner Area Fishing Report

Updated March 11, 2023

General Comments

Our late winter early spring fishing has finally started to improve, on warmer days you can expect afternoon hatches of BWOs and/or midges with some consistency. Our weather forecast has temps hovering above freezing and as the ice starts to disipate in more areas the fishing consistency and access will improve.

Yellowstone Park Waters

All Yellowstone Park waters are closed. The general season opens the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Some waters remain closed until July, while many others will still be muddy until sometime between mid-June and early July.

  • Yellowstone River - Above the Falls: Closed.
  • Yellowstone River - Canyons: Closed.
  • Gardner River: Closed.
  • Lamar River: Closed.
  • Slough Creek: Closed.
  • Soda Butte Creek: Closed.
  • Madison River in YNP: Closed.
  • Firehole River: Closed.
  • Gibbon River: Closed.
  • Other Rivers in YNP: Closed.
  • YNP Small Streams: Closed.
  • YNP Small Lakes: Closed.
  • YNP Large Lakes: Closed.

Montana Waters

  • Yellowstone River: Locations you will want to consider are confluences feeding the Yellowstone River as well as geothermal areas which are found more near Gardiner. Fish small slender mayfly nymphs, soft hackles, and large stonefly nymphs. BWO and midge hatches can be consistent midafternoon on calm days leaving you with the option of some early season dry fly fishing. Swinging streamers are slowly coming back on the menu as the water tempertaures rise. Spagetti and meatballs (San Juan's and Glowbugs) are definitely options as spring comes into more full effect. The river is starting to become floatable, but access and conditions will still give you a challenge.
  • Yellowstone Valley Small Streams: Frozen.
  • Area Private Lakes: Frozen.
  • Paradise Valley Spring Creeks: The best option locally when it's both above freezing and not howling wind. Midge pupae, sowbugs, and scuds are the most likely suspects. If the weather is right, you won't be alone.
  • Dailey Lake: Frozen. Try jigging up some perch through the ice.
  • Other Waters: Drive up to the Missouri and fish Rainbow and Amex Czechs, midge pupae, and pink Lightning Bugs.

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